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Glops Rossa

A Lager, Pils style. 5,4 % alc. vol.

Glops Fumada

A smoked lager (bottom fermentation beer) produced with 50 % smoked malt from Bamberg (Germany). 5,1% alc. vol.

Glops Negra

A Dark Lager made with 3 dark malts. 4,5% alc. vol.

Glops Blanca

Belgian wheat style with coriander.5,5 % alc. vol.

Glops Munich

Munich Lager style with munich malt. 4,5% alc. vol.

Glops Torrada

A dunkel lager brewed with 3 malts and 2 hops.

Glops Fosca de blat

Dunkelweizenbock style (top fermentation) with clove, 6,5% alc. vol.

Glops d'Hivern

Catalan Winter Ale style with rosemary and honey. 6.8% alc. vol.

Glops Doble

A Lager, Bock style. 6,5 % alc. vol.

Glops Ale

Pale Ale with Cascade hops, bitter flavour. 4.9% alc. vol.

How to taste a Glops

In a glass or conical or cylindrical pitcher on the table, the beer is served to approximately twenty centimeters of the glass, depending on the foam that it does, it is necessary to reduce or increase the distance respect of the glass, to manage to serve the beer in two or three times. It is necessary to reserve one or two fingers of beer in the bottle to leave the yeast in the bottle. Once proved without the yeast, to wave the bottle and to serve the yeasts.

Then we can decide if we prefer the beer with or without yeasts.

Gots de cervesa GLOPS

GLOPS has been a registered trade mark in Spain since 2005